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Natural radiation emitted from the earth is referred to as geopathic stress, and it can cause health problems in humans, animals, and plants. It's also been linked to more breakdowns.

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We are often used to dealing with stress in our day-to-day lives. The notion that poor vibes or negative energy might have an impact on one's health and well-being isn't novel. But barely anyone would have considered a potential source of stress which can be the energy of the earth itself. So by web definition the term Geopathic Stress goes like - The term "geopathic" comes from two Greek words: "geo" means "Earth," and "pathos" means "suffering" or "disease." Natural radiation emitted from the earth is referred to as geopathic stress, and it can cause health problems in humans, animals, and plants. It's also been linked to more breakdowns.
The Earth, which has a radius of 6,400 kilometers, emits constant radiation from its core. Numerous natural and artificial forces alter these radiations as they are transferred as vibrations. The energy vibrations are given off by Earth when man-made disruptions such as tunnels, pipes, utility lines are created and also natural underground features like geological faults, mineral deposits, etc. Geopathic stress can be caused by living near one of these zones of energy disruption, according to this idea. And it's been proven that stress causes a variety of physical and psychological ailments.
Usually medical and healthcare professionals do not consider Geopathic stress as a threat but to some extent, these radiations and frequencies practically do influence our lives. It is a challenge for them to understand this phenomenon in depth. Our body’s subtle energy system which includes the etheric body, chakras, and meridians as well as the electrical system being the brain, heart, and muscles, is disrupted due to this stress. It is also thought to delay healing processes in our body.
The earth is believed to resonate at a given frequency, which is a crucial element in geopathic stress grids. The frequency is known as the Schumann resonance, vibrating with a frequency of 7.83 MHz. Because it correlates to the frequency of nature, it is also known as the healing frequency.

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Geopathic stress doesn’t just affect homes. At the workplace, it can lead to employees feeling dissatisfied, tired, and disgruntled leading to higher absenteeism and even attrition.

What are the signs of Geopathic Stress

Geopathic stress is an inevitable factor in our home, workplace, and every possible area we go to. You're more likely to experience symptoms if you live or work directly over a geopathic zone, especially if you sleep directly above the energy disturbance, according to internet sources.


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Disruption in environmental aspects also falls in the grip of this phenomenon. Geopathic stress has a negative impact on plant and tree growth. Certain vegetation becomes stunted, exhibiting poor or twisted growth, malignant growth, and in some cases, trees fail to bear fruit despite blossoming.

Roads running through geopathic zones are often subjected to potholes and frequent accidents over the ones that do not stretch through these zones. In summary, geopathic stress has been linked to a variety of physical and mental health issues for which no obvious explanation has been identified. Some have suggested that these phenomena could explain miscarriages and cancer, however, there is no scientific evidence to support either claim.

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Many people cook up alternative theories when their symptoms go untreated due to failure of medical treatment options. When your doctor doesn’t hand you over with a diagnosis report, you start pondering every single related possibility to find out what’s wrong and sigh a sigh of relief.

People are known to use a variety of methods to find a solution, such as rearranging their furniture. That is extremely beneficial. However, the most important thing to note is that G.S lines tend to shift in direction over time. We can help you with similar solutions by rendering various effective services.

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Firstly we determine the type of geopathic stress that is impacting your life. We ought to be specific whether there is a brook flowing underneath or earth lines crossing your room that is causing this excessive disturbance. It is possible that you might be dealing with more than one source of energy. 


We have a methodical approach in place to ensure that abundance and opportunities for wellness and higher enjoyment are not stifled. We conduct a remote evaluation of your workplace or home on a regular basis, followed by a site visit as appropriate.


Our expert team analyses the floor plan of your home or workplace remotely after receiving it from you. Then we create a tailored solution for your workplace or home and arrange for the geopathic radiation shield to be installed.

Geopathic Stress is a Major Cause of Cancer

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With our help, you’ll learn a lot more about Geopathic Stress, including specific earth grid lines like Hartmann and Curry lines, as well as other negative energies, Vastu/Feng Shui doshas, and defects that can cause havoc in our lives. After a thorough investigation, we’ll customize the best solution for your home or workplace problems.

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