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Residential Feng Shui

We provide the best residential feng shui services to all our clients across the country. That means no more negative energy around you or your loved ones. Get your resident feng shui verified right now by clicking on Learn More….

Bazi & Date Selection Feng Shui

Don’t just go and choose a date for your Bazi. Get in touch with us and we will tell you which Bazi & Date to choose based on your Feng Shui. Only choose Feng Shui Guru verified date and Bazi.

Commercial Feng Shui

Worrying about why your business is not performing as it should be doing in the first place? Well not anymore. Because feng shui guru is offering one of the best commercial feng shui services to all commercial requirements to clients across the country. Click on learn more… 

Open Treasury Feng Shui

Multiply your wealth by getting our feng shui services directly at your home. With the help of our industry-leading experts here at Feng Shui Guru. 

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With our help, you’ll learn a lot more about Geopathic Stress, including specific earth grid lines like Hartmann and Curry lines, as well as other negative energies, Vastu/Feng Shui doshas, and defects that can cause havoc in our lives. After a thorough investigation, we’ll customize the best solution for your home or workplace problems.

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Get your home to energize positively with the help of Jayvir Venture Pte Ltd. The leading company in Singapore that offers the best Geopathy Stress relief with the help of experts.