The stress factor in today’s generation is very common as part of an individual’s health and its effect on body and mind is well portrayed in different areas. It can come from different sources like relationships, jobs, and emotionally taxing, and others. Stress includes a wide range of physical and psychological symptoms. Geopathic stress being a very essential part of people’s life is the most ignored part as most people are unaware of its presence. It has a direct effect on the health of the individual. The concept of Geopathic Stress Singapore is based on the energy of the earth. But do you have any idea what energies are on the ground that you walk on? Have you ever thought of considering what geological and artificial features are underneath your home?



When the earth releases its energy vibrations which are disrupted by underground features, that is Geopathic Stress. These features include the following types of geopathic stress zones:-

  • Sewers
  • Pipes
  • Underground water
  • Geological faults
  • Mineral deposits
  • Utility lines, etc.

According to this theory which is believed by the Geopathic Stress Singapore, having a lifestyle above these areas of energy disturbances is the key to geopathic stress. Many of us believe in bad vibes or negative energies. These things in real life have adverse effects on the health and wellness of an individual.


Passing through any of the above-mentioned features quickly won’t have much impact on our daily lives but when you live or work over any of the above-mentioned features, which are the geopathic zones suggested by Geopathic Stress Singapore, may result in some noticeable symptoms. Especially when you sleep directly over energy disturbances, it may directly affect you and your daily lifestyle. The following are the Geopathic Stress symptoms:-

  • Exhaustion and tiredness
  • The difficulty is falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Chronic headaches or migraines
  • Tingling or numbness in hands and feet
  • Difficulty focusing or zoning out completely
  • Anxiousness or feeling low
  • Odd changes in personality and emotions
  • Disputes and tension among family members and roommates

Many specialists at Geopathic Stress Singapore even suggest that geopathic stress symptoms can affect and disrupt environmental features. For instance, roads over any of the geopathic zones like tunnels or sewers are more prone to cracking or potholes or may be prone to accidents.


There have been plenty of causes like mental and physical causes associated with geopathic stress but lack a clear cause to it. Also, no scientific reason supports this fact. Geopathic stress symptoms verified by Geopathic Stress Singapore are known to weaken the force of life and lower immunity. There are abrupt illnesses at times when no reason or cause can be found, that is where Geopathic stress comes in. When a building or a house is in a geopathic stress zone, it radiates negative energy, giving sickness to the occupants. Geopathic Stress can be very stressful when a large area of our body is exposed to the geopathic stress zones. Geopathic stress is strongest during the nighttime when we sleep. Due to the strain of Geopathic Stress, we usually wake up drowsy as our brain has to work on the strain instead of resting and healing our body. However, the growth of plants and trees is also adversely affected due to geopathic stress. Therefore some plants become stunted, display cancerous growth, etc. Not only plants but animals like horses, chickens, pigs, goats, sheep, cows, etc. also show abnormal behavior or do not graze or sit in those areas. Decades of study in geopathic stress lines which are nothing but distorted electromagnetic fields radiated by the earth have shown how harmful they are to human health.



A lecher antenna is one of the geopathic stress removal products that helps in diagnosing the geopathic stress in an area. If used effectively, Vastu rules can assist us to reduce the negative effects radiated by the earth. The use of geopathic rods, which is again of the geopathic stress removal products is the easiest and common way to neutralize the above-mentioned geopathic zones. The geopathic rods can be placed in GS-affected regions. Metals and minerals make up the geopathic rods, which have a shelf life of 5 to 7 years. These rods can be kept under the bed or in any other affected location. Electric and geopathic waves are absorbed by them. You will be able to see the results in around a month and a half. For a single dwelling, you could require 5 to 6 rods.

Earlier, cow dung and cow urine were used as some of the geopathic stress home remedies for the floors and courtyards to balance the energy levels. Also, the exposure of electric waves like mobile phones and wifi back then was very less as of now.

To protect yourself from Geopathic stress, you can do the following geopathic stress home remedies:-

  • Sitting on the ground:- sitting on the ground like on sand or grass creates direct contact with the earth element which neutralizes your body and keeps you far from negative energies.
  • Hugging a tree:- trees are the natural processors that help in transforming the negative energies from your body.
  • Bathe in saltwater: It will benefit your body in a variety of ways.
  • Proper lighting in your house: Sunlight should be able to reach every part of your home.
  • Mop with salt water daily: Use salt water to clean your house. Fill all of the corners with saltwater.
  • Rearrange your furnishings in your living room to prevent spending too much time near or above the point. Do not store something in the same area for an extended time.
  • Reduce your exposure to electronic gadgets to reduce electromagnetic pollution. Remove any appliances that are no longer in use. If you can’t, disconnect them while they’re not in use.

It is important to check for Geopathic stress in bedrooms to avoid any sort of severe illness. The biofield of a person is affected and drained by geopathic stress. Geopathic stress Singapore can help you with this. However, it takes some time for the body to experience problems. Identify Geopathic zones, evaluate sleeping patterns, and keep an eye on your dogs’ behaviors. Relocate your bed and workstation to a Geopathic Stress-free zone. Reduce the amount of time you spend on cell phones and cordless phones. Keep devices out of your beds and avoid using the microwave. So, in addition to fixing your home according to Vastu, it’s also vital to check for Geopathic Stress in the bedrooms to reduce the risk of serious sickness. You can get in touch with Geopathic Stress Singapore, where we can assist you with the Vastu and negative energies of your house and guide you throughout the process of elimination of the same. You can even reach out to our consultant for further pieces of information where he can guide you with the further procedures.


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